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A2 Milk Powder Full cream (adults) *1kg (6pks/box)

A2 Milk Powder Full cream (adults) *1kg (6pks/box)
A2 Milk Powder Full cream (adults) *1kg (6pks/box)
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The A2 protein difference

Conventional cows’ milk contains two main types of beta casein protein, A2 protein and A1 protein – our branded milk is

different from conventional cows’ milk because it comes from cows selected to naturally produce only the A2 protein type and no A1.

Our milk is comparable to conventional cows’ milk in other respects.

Our branded milk is naturally occurring and not a product of genetic engineering or technological processes.

Many consumers and healthcare professionals report that

certain people who experience challenges drinking conventional cows’ milk may experience benefits when they switch to a2 Milk™.

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