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Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Brand: Lacues Model: 9348610000432
LACUESORGNIC LIP COLOUR REVIVAL BALM will bring out your natural lip colour. It responds to your body temperature and PH-level of your lips, giving you a custom shade of pink to perfectly match your skin tone. Enjoy a well-moisturised, juicy lips with the perfect tint.ingredients: Simmondsia Ch..
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Brand: Living Nature Model: 9417864450123
Living Nature's certified natural lipsticks are formulated with all natural ingredients and produced in Kerikeri, New Zealand. Regular lipstick wearers may consume as much as 1.7 kilos of lipstick over their lifetime, so the lipstick you choose makes a difference. Our lipsticks and lip pencils are f..
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Brand: Merino 美丽诺 Model: 9415998233629
Merino Lanolin Lip Balm SPF30 4.5gMerino Lanolin Lip Balm SPF30 is the full package! It protects the lips from harsh conditions like dry winds. It has SPF30 protection to block 97% of UVB rays. It’s even water resistant! Merino Lanolin Lip Balm SPF30 has natural ingredients ..
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Brand: Parrs Model: 9415293234406
Parrs Manuka Honey Lip Care 12ml SPF15..
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